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Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaner?


Here's how you can get back your quality time, have all of your housework taken care of, and spend time doing the things YOU enjoy!



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Hi there,


Are you looking for a reliable, trustworthy cleaner that delivers a consistent quality clean in the Auckland area? Would you like someone to take care of your housework, so you can put your feet up and release some of that pressure around home. It can be hard trying to balance work, your family, and your housework all at the same time. Believe me, I'd know.


Just over 2 years ago, I found myself in this situation. Working 60 hour weeks in the corporate world, I barely had enough time for my daughters, let alone the cleaning. I'd put it off all week, and then spend my weekends elbow deep in filth trying to get things clean.


There had to be an easier way.


And there was. I made the decision to hire a housekeeper to take care of my home. It was a big deal for me as I had always been told it was the woman's job to take care of the home. It turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life, and triggered my thought process into how a lot of other Kiwi's like me, could benefit from hiring a trustworthy, reliable cleaner.


And that's when I started Life Maid Easy, a premier cleaning and housekeeping company designed to take care of all the big and little things in your home, so you can spend your time doing the things YOU enjoy! Whether that's catching up with your family and friends, playing sport, enjoying yourself or going to the movies. You can simply put your feet up and relax, while our trustworthy team cleans and takes care of your home.


Check out what some of our happy clients are saying...


"I also needed to spend more time with my kids and do things I enjoy" - Karena Jonassen

“We decided to hire Life Maid Easy because I wasn’t coping with my housework. There just wasn’t enough time in my day to get everything done, as well as look after my kids, and we also have our own business so there just isn’t enough time. I also needed to spend more time with my kids and do things I enjoy, rather than boring cleaning, which is never ending, so that’s why we needed Life Maid Easy.


The girls are very professional and they did an outstanding job of cleaning my house. My kitchen was spotless. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it that clean in my life. They had good attention to detail, very thorough with everything, so I was very happy with that.”


How much time has that freed up for you now?

“A lot of time, I wouldn’t even know how to count it because I’m endlessly normally cleaning the house from one room to another because I never have a whole day to do it. So it takes me all week, never ends, so it’s saved me a lot of time.”


Karena Jonassen - Orakei, Auckland



Areas we service:  Auckland Isthmus, North Shore, West Auckland

At this stage you're probably thinking, "what makes you different from any other cleaner or cleaning company?" And that's a great question. When it comes to cleaning your home, you want someone you can trust to do a great job each and every time. After all, your home is your most private of private places.


But not all cleaning companies are created equal. In fact, there are huge differences in the quality of cleaners in Auckland. I'm sure you've seen the 'Target' episodes featuring cleaning companies or heard of horror stories from friends. Pretty embarrassing stuff right?


Well, let me show you how Life Maid Easy is different, and how we can solve all of your home cleaning needs.



Here's 6 reasons why you can trust us to solve all of your home cleaning needs...



1. Your Peace of Mind

We understand that one of the biggest concerns around hiring a cleaner or housekeeper is you don't know who will be entering your home. To ensure only the most reliable and trustworthy cleaners enter your home, all of our team members go through:

  • A police background check

  • Previous employment reference checks

  • Credit check

  • Drug testing

  • Two weeks of induction where our team learn all of the systems and techniques to provide you with the best clean possible. This induction is done in-house, in a controlled environment. At the end of this period, they do one final clean where we can assess if they are ready to enter your home.

When in your home, we treat it with complete respect. If something does unexpectedly break, we do our best to either repair or replace that item. All of our team are fully insured, so claims are then filed when appropriate.


You can rest assured knowing we've got the following cover with Tower Insurance:

  • General Liability - $1,000,000 cover

  • Employers Liability - $500,000 cover

  • Statutory Liability - $500,000 cover


2. Cleaning For Your Health

New Zealand is one of the worst hit countries when it comes to asthma sufferers. So if you've got anyone your home that has suffered from asthma, or young kids with allergies, then we can definitely help. As the quality of air we breathe continues to deteriorate, we need to be proactive in improving the indoor air quality of our home. Our HEPA filtration vacuum system is designed to help asthma and allergy sufferers by capturing up to 99% of all dust, bacteria, animal dander and fur, allergens and pollen in your home.


3. A Customised Healthy Home Action Plan For You

All of our clients homes and needs are different. That's why we begin our relationship by providing you with a Healthy Home Action Plan where we can get a better feel for your home, and also develop you a customised cleaning program to work for the situation you find yourself in. Some of our happy customers actually enjoy doing the cleaning, but ask us for help in a few very specific areas like the kitchen and toilets. At the end of the day, it's your home, so we'll always clean it just how you like it.


Here's what you'll get with your Healthy Home Action Plan:

  • One of our team will come to your home and carry out a healthy home check to identify some of the key areas to improve the health of your home, not only the cleaning...

  • You'll then sit down and develop a customised solution with us, where you'll decide which rooms need the most attention, and how often you'd like your home cleaned and any other preferences you may have

  • You'll also have the chance to ask us any questions about Life Maid Easy and how we work with you

  • At the end of your time with us, we'll provide you with a detailed quote based on what we've developed together



Areas we service:  Auckland Isthmus, North Shore, West Auckland


4. A Better Work / Life Balance For You

The number one reason our customers use our services is to improve their 'quality of life'. What does this mean for you?

For us, 'quality of life', means being able to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. We will take care of your household tasks, which in turn will give you back 2-5 quality hours of your week. You can now use that time to catch up with family and friends, play sport, enjoy yourself or go to the movies. If that's not your thing, simply put your feet up and relax, knowing that all of your household tasks are being taken care of by someone you can trust.


"When you free up your time in the weekends to do what you want to do, and enjoy your family time, that’s what it’s all about." - Ray Sale, Owner of Haven Building Concepts

Why did you decide to get a housekeeper?

"We spend a lot of time in the weekends trying to tidy up our house. It’s a fairly big house and it’s just eating in to our family time, so I thought it was time to get somebody else in to do the stuff that we hate doing."


What’s the best thing about having Life Maid Easy come in and take care of your house work?

"It’s freed up about 6 hours for us in the weekend and it’s made it a bit more pleasant when you come home. It’s quite invigorating when you come home and you’ve got a nice clean house, and you didn’t have to do anything to it."


What would you say about anyone thinking about getting a housekeeper?

"I’d say definitely go for it. When you free up your time in the weekends to do what you want to do, and enjoy your family time, that’s what it’s all about."


Ray Sale - Owner of Haven Building Concepts

5. Risk FREE - Your Diamond Standard Service Guarantee



6. Worried About Your Cleaner's Performance Dropping Off? We've Got The Answer...

One of the most common problems we hear at Life Maid Easy is... "my cleaner was great for the first month or so, but then they started missing spots and their performance started to drop..."


Does this situation sound familiar to you?


We like to reward high performers. That's why we've got a pay for performance bonus plan to ensure you get a 5 star clean each and every time. Here's how it works:

  • After each service we provide you with the opportunity to complete a quick 2 minute online review of your cleaner's performance. With this review you have the opportunity to comment on any area of the service you enjoyed, and also any area you didn't like so much. This gives us a couple of critical things we can use:

Your ratings for each and every service are then used for our team's bonuses. If they receive 10's for their performance they get the maximum bonus. If they get 9's then they're one step down from top, and finally 8's qualify for the lowest level bonus. We don't go below 8, because quite frankly, we're not looking to reward mediocrity. To be awarded the bonuses, they need to achieve a consistent high score, rather than just a one-off great clean every once and a while.

Our pay for performance bonus plan safeguards you from any of our team turning up to your home feeling under the weather, or 'off their game'. Instead, you'll have one of our bright and enthusiastic team arrive at your home, ready to perform a great clean.


 "I was really impressed. I was also really impressed by the vacuum system they used, the HEPA system"
- Dr. Gavin Lobo - Partner in the Manurewa Health Centre


“I’m very busy, I work full-time and I’ve got three children. I find it really hard to keep on top of the housework."


What is important to you when looking for a cleaner?

"When choosing a cleaner it’s important they do the simple things properly. That includes cleaning properly, keeping bacteria to a minimum and using non-toxic products.


I chose Life Maid Easy because of the products they use. I know they’re environmentally friendly and they’re effective. They keep bacteria down to a minimum and reduce allergens and house dust mites. Also, trustworthiness is really important to me. I’ve got to feel confident that they will provide good service and Life Maid Easy really has.


When they came to my home and gave me a free appraisal and the Healthy Home Action Plan, I was really impressed. I was also really impressed by the vacuum system they used, the HEPA system. I looked into it myself and found it really good. Especially in Auckland where we have a lot of asthma problems, with the house dust mites producing a lot of allergens, and that system really helps to reduce and minimise the allergens.”


Dr Gavin Lobo, Partner in the Manurewa Health Centre

Areas we service:  Auckland Isthmus, North Shore, West Auckland

Now you may be thinking... "I've heard it all before, you're just another faceless corporation that will overcharge me for a mediocre service"


And that's fair enough. However, we are very different from the majority of other cleaning companies you may have used previously. First of all, we're not a franchise. We pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our service, we'd never look to outsource our business and risk that quality. We're not a one man band cleaning service either. We've got a strong support structure at our head offices in Newmarket, as well as multiple teams of trustworthy cleaners at Life Maid Easy. Our unique structure means you still get the personal, high quality service of your local cleaner, as well as the support and customer service of a multi-national. This way we can deliver the best possible service in every part of our relationship with you.


"My current cleaner is doing an alright job, is there really any need to switch?"

If all you ever want from your cleaning is 'an alright job' then we're probably not the right cleaners for you.


If you're more concerned about bragging to your neighbour about how cheap your cleaner is, rather than the actual quality of clean, then we're probably not the right cleaners for you.


If however, you want a consistent, spectacular, over the top, wayyyyy above and beyond 5 star clean each and every time, then we're definitely the right people for you.


If you're looking to make your neighbours jealous about how unbelievably clean your home is, then we are the right cleaning company for you. We specialise in cleaning your home to a position where you can brag about it to your neighbours.


Ok, that's great Mandi - How can I find out more and what's the next steps from here?


Firstly, if you've read this far, congratulations! I can see you're serious about freeing up your time by getting a professional, trustworthy cleaner for your home.

The next step from here is to schedule your Healthy Home Action Plan, and here's what you'll receive:

  • I will personally come out to visit you in your home and carry out a healthy home check where we will identify the key areas we can improve the health of your home through our cleaning...

  • We'll then develop a customised cleaning solution for you, where we'll decide which rooms need the most attention, how often you’d like your home cleaned and any other preferences you may have.

  • You’ll also have the chance to ask me any questions you may have about Life Maid Easy and how we'll work with you...

  • And at the end of our time together, I'll provide you with a detailed quote based on what we’ve developed together.

From there you can make the decision to take advantage of the services of Life Maid Easy. If it's not for you, that's no problem. I just ask out of respect for my time that you be willing to give me either a yes, or a no as to whether our services are for you. Either way, you're going to leave with a crystal clear idea on how clean your home really is, and a solid cleaning plan going forward.

"What I enjoyed most about the Life Maid Easy service was going out to the park with my kids and coming home to a beautiful clean home" - Inbar Paterson, Birkenhead


"I chose to get a housekeeper because I wanted more time with the kids. I didn't want to waste time cleaning the house, so we rang Life Maid Easy. They were very professional right from the start. Mandi came over, showed me through the booklet and made me feel very comfortable about having cleaners in my home. It was great.


What I enjoyed most about the Life Maid Easy service was going out to the park with my kids and coming home to a beautiful clean home, it was lovely. It has saved me so much time, now I get to go out to the park with the kids instead of yelling at them for turning the vacuum cleaner off.”


Inbar Paterson, Birkenhead, North Shore


So how do I get in contact with you?


There are a couple of easy ways you can schedule your Healthy Home Action Plan with me.

  1. Click here to instantly secure your Healthy Home Action Plan, or alternatively click on one of the yellow buttons on this page (I've put one just below for your convenience).

  2. You can call us on (09) 909 6560 (And yes, we are a real deal New Zealand company. You won't be re-directed through to Fiji or a random call centre).

    You can email me through and I'll be in touch to schedule a time for us to meet


Areas we service:  Auckland Isthmus, North Shore, West Auckland

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.


Dedicated to making your life easier,


P.P.S. If you want a cleaning service that's going to make your neighbours jealous over how clean your home is, then secure your FREE Healthy Home Action Plan today!


"It's more cost effective for me. I'm busy, I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week when things are busy in Real Estate" - Ellen Ming, Ray White Real Estate


"I’ve always had a cleaner on and off over the last 20 years. Sometimes I’ve used companies and sometimes just a lady from the local neighbourhood. Some of the cleaners I’ve had in have been good, others have never lasted longer than 1 or 2 weeks. Their performance is always up and down with not much consistency."


Why do you use a cleaner?

"It’s more cost effective for me. I’m busy, I work 12 hours a day, 7 days a week when things are busy in Real Estate. I’ve got a family to look after, and an animal in the house, so it’s just cost effective for me."


What do you like most about the service of Life Maid Easy?

"I liked the girls from the minute they walked in the door. They were friendly and energetic and I could see from the equipment they brought in they knew exactly what they were doing. From when they started to when they finished they worked solidly. When I came back later that day I could smell the house had been cleaned, and every single room was just perfect."

Ellen Ming, Ray White Real Estate, Bucklands Beach



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