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Our Values

1. Environment

2. Pursue Growth And Learning

3. World Class - Deliver A 'WOW' Experience

4. Build A Positive And Family Spirit

5. A Happy And Fun Place To Work

6. Build Open And Honest Relationships With Communication


Provide the safest cleaning system for our customer’s homes, that removes dust, bacteria, build up of grime, is safe for your family, and use world class environmentally conscious cleaning practices as much as possible (thus reducing allergens, and making your home safer for you and your family).


Pursue Growth And Learning

Training is a big focus as the only way to do something better is to learn how to. Thus, all our team receives regular training from Brenda Griffiths(training and quality control). Some of our maids training program includes: company induction to our values and systems, 5 star service training, 97 point cleaning system, Life Maid Easy values, communication skills, and first aid. This may seem strange in a maid service company to go to all this effort to train our team, but we are here to provide the best company for all to benefit from, our customers, our team, and our teams are the face of our company. 


World Class - Deliver A 'WOW' Experience

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing to the best of all our ability. We are committed to ‘world class best practice’. To this end we have sought out the best systems and processes, hired great trainers, only recruit the best teams, most conscientious and trustworthy members. We have invested heavily in state of the art cleaning equipment, clothing, and systems to provide the best experience for everyone who experiences Life Maid Easy.


Build A Positive Team And Family Spirit

Our foundation is built on trust – To this end we recruit only the best, put them through our company induction process and school them in our values. With that complete, we then train them in Life Maid Easy’s 97 point cleaning system. Our team are Life Maid Easy so it’s vital we have a rigorous selection and recruitment process.

A Happy And Fun Place To Work


To build a great company with positive, passionate, and pro-active people. This is the life blood of any company, the people who work there. We create the right environment for them to succeed.

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Build Open And Honest Relationships With Communication

Reliability, honesty, and integrity are the building blocks of Life Maid Easy.

To this end we have a very extensive process to ensure only the best make it through to work for LME. Our:

  • Recruitment Process (3 x interviews, police checked and reference checked)

  • Induction (2 day intensive company philosophy where our recruits learn: the Life Maid Easy philosophy of customer care and 5 star service delivery)

  • Training (Brenda Griffiths is our Training and Quality control manager. She trains all cleaning teams till they have reached the excellent standard that we represent. She also does quality checks during and after cleans in order to maintain quality standards for all cleans)

  • On The Job Training (Life Maid Easy’s 97 point cleaning system ensures you receive a great clean and that everything is done just the way you want, our field supervisor also does spot checks routinely to ensure our maids are adhering to our Quality Assurance system)

  • Pay For Performance (our team are rewarded based on how well they clean your home… many cleaning companies will do a great job 1, 2 or 3 times… this structure ensures our maids have your best interests at heart to do a great job, because they will be rewarded by doing a great job. You will receive a short monthly form evaluating your maid)

  • Review (We review all our cleaning teams on a monthly basis. They are reviewed based on your feedback and the performance checklist that we closely monitor.