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Meet The Team

Meet the faces behind Life Maid Easy


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Maggie Mao

Managing Director

I do not want Life Maid Easy to be yet another corporate providing a service. Everyone on my team adds a different dynamic to this company. A big part of this company is learning and growth.

We believe that learning is an ongoing process, I believe that providing a service goes beyond just completing a job, it is about the whole experience!


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Grace Lao

General Manager

I was drawn to a career in the service sector because of my passion for working with people, and I have found my calling in this industry where those with a strong work ethic, business smarts and people skills shine. My background in Hospitality and Tourism, and a Bachelor degree in Operations Management has provided me with the skills required to be successful. Being a proud wife and mother of two, my family values ensure every client is treated with the respect they deserve. Having lived in Auckland for the past eighteen years, I truly love the neighbourhood and the diversity in the community and enjoy being able to give back through my role in business.



Melissa McIntyre

Operations Manager
Working as an Operations manager can become quite  hectic sometimes. It is very necessary that i make time to unwind by reading a good book and a glass of wine (what would we do without it?).

I love anything that is stooped in history, especially ancient Egypt. I am also currently pursuing a course in Physics which is something i have recently developed an interest for. I am a big foodie and my absolute favourite cuisines are Italian, Indian and Japanese.

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Brenda Griffiths

Quality Control/Training Manager
I have had years of experience in managing various cleaning teams around Auckland. One of the best things about managing teams was meeting my clients and their friends. I have recently come on as a quality control manager at Life Maid Easy. I train our cleaning teams to make sure that they are always performing to our standards.

I also do quality checks during and after the cleaning is done. If you have any feedback regarding our quality then please do not hesitate to contact me. I love swimming, reading, walking and fine dining. My Favourite book is Two Mrs Brown and my favourite movie is the Notebook. I like any type of seafood so I love going to the seafood festival in the viaduct.



Elaine Ren

Accounts Manager

As a self-motivated and hardworking person with a passion and aptitude for accountancy, I join in the Life Maid Easy as an accountant. Based on my leaning and experience, I help the company to continue providing high-quality services to clients. Dealing with numbers, not mean I am a bored person. When I have time, I also like travelling, different culture attract me a lot and I want to know more about it.




All our cleaning teams have a designated team leader that manages the team, trains them and over sees the overall performance of their teams. All our teams are fully trained in all interior and exterior house cleaning services. Some of our team leaders manage up to 3 different teams. Each team has a minimum of 2 cleaners. 

Team Leaders and their specialties

Jenny Kim: Manages 9+ juniors. 
Specialties: Builders cleans, Exterior House washes, Windows and Carpet cleans

Arden: Manages 5+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash, Bond/Move out cleans, Exterior House Washing and Window cleaning

Jenny: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Window cleans and Carpet cleaning

Melody: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash

Jenny: Manages 15+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, House Washes, Wall and Ceiling Wash, Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans and Move out cleans

Rebecca: Manages 4+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash Exterior House cleans and Carpet cleans

Jimmy: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Bond/Move in/Move out cleans

Eric: Manages 4+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash, and Bond cleans

Nicole: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans

Jack: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Bond cleans and Carpet cleans

Anthony: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Leather, Fabric Upholstery cleaning and Carpet cleans