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Best tips and techniques for windows cleaning in Auckland


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The large windows fill the home with a bright and friendly atmosphere. However, rain, pollen and dust make them very dirty and ruin the scenery. At the same time, children and pets often leave fingerprints and stains on the glass.

How to keep the windows clean all the time?

In this article you will find useful tips and tricks you may need to make your windows clean and your life easier.

The importance of windows cleaning

The window is one of the indispensable things in the building. Unfortunately, people seem to underestimate the importance of cleaning windows.

Cleaning windows regularly will make a big difference in your home environment. There are many benefits to having clean windows, not only to increase comfort, but also to improve the overall appearance of the building.

Clean windows help to improve indoor lighting.

Over time, windows are easily eroded by various pollutants, which causes the glass surface to become pitted and lose its original cluster. This will make your home look dark and cold.

Therefore, regular window cleaning not only helps to effectively prevent pollutants from corroding the glass and increase the indoor light transmittance, but it also makes your interior environment comfortable and warm.

Window cleaning also helps to remove the parasites of harmful substances. If the windows are not cleaned for a long time, dirt and dust will accumulate together.

This is the best environment for harmful bacteria to grow.

Irregular window cleaning and unhealthy bacteria that living on it can impact your health in a long term.

That is why, in order to protect your family and children from harmful substances, please clean the windows regularly.

Cleaning the windows and letting the sun come in, helps to get Vitamin D. Especially if you stay at home or work from home, life most of us lately do.

When you will have a habit of keeping your windows clean, you will have more sunlight come into the room.

You and your family members will get Vitamin D and at the same time your home will be light and healthy.

So, regular window cleaning contributes to your health and health of your home.

So how should we carry out effective window cleaning? The following tips and techniques may help you.

The best things to clean windows with

The tips below will help you to clean your windows efficiently and quickly.


  1. Do not clean windows under direct sunlight.

Otherwise, the cleaning fluid will dry too quickly on the glass plate, leaving traces.

  1. Use an appropriate amount of cleaning agent.

If you are using too much detergent during the cleaning process, a layer of stains will form on the windows.

It is necessary to use an appropriate amount of detergent.

How do professional cleaners clean windows?

There are usually 2 ways that professional cleaners like to use when cleaning windows. The first is traditional cleaning method and the second is high-tech cleaning method.

Traditional cleaning method

1. Use a sponge or lint-free cloth, and add an appropriate amount of detergent to warm water to thoroughly clean the windows

2. Scrape the liquid from top to bottom into a figure eight shape and wipe it with a cloth

3. Wipe off the last drop of water with polish, microfiber cloth or towel

High-tech cleaning method

1. Use a detergent spray bottle to spray

2. Wipe with a microfiber cloth to clean dirt

3. Use a window cleaner to absorb sewage.

This method is also suitable for high windows.

Average price of window cleaning in Auckland

Due to recent circumstances, sometimes cleaners have to put themselves to unknown environments, which also might affect the window cleaning cost.

Normally, the cost of cleaning windows for two bedrooms, one floor is about 130 to 180 dollars.

For example, for five bedrooms, two level home window cleaning might costs about $420 to $550.

There is no doubt that this information does not give you a definitive price on the price of window cleaning. So where you can get the actual price for your window cleaning? Just call cleaning services in Auckland and ask them. You can call us as well (09) 909 6560

What can vary the time and price of windows clean in Auckland?

  • Mould affected windows
  • Skylights
  • Multi-framed panels of glass
  • Tall Windows (floor to ceiling)
  • Ranch Slider windows (where the dirt gets in the door track)
  • Aluminium frames (particularly the multi-channel ones which trap the dirt)
  • Poor paint surfaces
  • Doors with glass panels (commonly in lounge rooms)
  • Internal wall windows which divide rooms
  • Glass with permanent pen writing, or stickers on them

When you talk to a cleaning service provider, tell them as much details as possible about the size and condition of your windows.

Where can I find window cleaners in Auckland?

Are you wondering how do I find a house cleaner nearby?

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We can provide professional cleaning services at your convenience.

We provide regular cleaning services, deep cleaning, moving in or moving out cleaning, etc.

We guarantee to provide the best house cleaning service.


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