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End of tenancy cleaning cost and checklist NZ


end of tenancy cleaning
What is an end of tenancy clean?

An end of tenancy cleaning required when a tenant moves out of a rented property. This clean can be done by
either the tenant or landlord. Although, it really depends what you agreed with. 

This is an essential cleaning that need to be done before a new tenant moves in. This is also one the important aspects that landlord taking in account when returning the bond. 

Why it is important ?

End of tenancy cleaning is important for landlord, because it gives security that the property is cleaned and disinfected before new tenants move in. However, not only landlord benefit from this. If you leave the house in good, clean condition, you can be confident that you receive bond back with no problem, and you can also rely on the landlord as a reference for your future tenancy. 

As a tenant, please check your rental agreement. End of tenancy clean will most likely be a requirement in order to receive your bond. However, it is not always like that. 

Moving out from one place to another is usually exciting, especially, if you are moving out from a rental property to your own home. The move can prove to be even more exiting if you are upgrading to a better property whether it be location or its condition.

However, from the other side, the process itself can be tiring and stressful. You have to pack all your stuff carefully into boxes and organize transport to move it all from current home to a new one. There are the moving of heavy appliances, furniture and the list just goes on. Usually, it takes from few days to few weeks to fully move out of your property and by the end of each day you just feel exhausted and stressed.

Moreover, we know that things in new home are not going to put themselves on the shelves for you. So, you have to account for all the time and energy to unpack and unload you stuff into the new house and clean it again.

Most landlords in Auckland will ask you to leave the property shiny clean. Many of them require only a professional end of tenancy clean and professional carpet clean as well, if there is any carpets in a property.

Does end of tenancy cleaning helps to get the bond back ?

Yes, you have to clean your current property before moving out in order to get full bond refund. Requirements for an end of tenancy clean are quite strict in New Zealand and especially in Auckland. Furthermore, do not forget, that your landlord will also act as a reference for your future landlords. It is better for you to leave a good impression and follow these requirements, rather then ignore them.

Besides the end of tenancy clean of a current property, most people wish to do a deep clean or move in clean of a new property. It make sense! We all love to move into new place, knowing that it is clean and there are no "surprises" left over from the previous tenants. All these moving process is really complicated and exhausting.

Make sure you have a clear move out/in plan at least 30 days before the actual moving day. Then, there is a chance to decrease your stress level and you will have more time to organise moving company and proper cleaning service for post tenancy and move in cleaning as well as other tasks that are required.

7 Facts about end of tenancy cleaning

  • End of tenancy cleaning is important for receiving your full deposit or bond – More than half of deposit disputes (56%) are lead from insufficient, or have cleaning as part of a more complex dispute.
  • Tenants can do their own end of tenancy cleaning. The landlord cannot force them to use any cleaning company, or a cleaning service if it is not a part of tenancy agreement.
  • The landlord can request the same level of hygiene as it was documented into the move in inventory report.
  • If doing your own end of tenancy cleaning, remember to use your check in inventory as a guide. Also, use a checklist and schedule your cleaning to ensure the property is fully cleaned.
  • Set aside enough time if you plan on cleaning yourself. Deep cleaning takes time and you will be surprised how big of a job this is.
  • The inventory reports are the most important pieces of evidence for resolving a dispute. You want your end of tenancy cleaning done right before the move out inventory, as to record the property in the cleanest state.
  • If you want to hire a cleaning company for your end of tenancy cleaning, you should be weary of 2-man band companies. As your deposit is on the line, make sure the work is done and will suffice for reclaiming your money.

What is included in end of tenancy clean in Auckland

Move out cleaning checklist Nz/Auckland 


end of tenancy cleaning checklist

Move is a complicated process. It includes heaps of tasks and they all time consuming and stressful.

The most popular questions people ask : What is included in end tenancy cleaning?

It is often not clear, what cleaning standard is your landlord expecting from you. Ask landlord to provide you list of cleaning tasks that have to be done for post tenancy cleaning.

The Checklist below will provide you a general idea of what most of landlords expect from end of tenancy clean in Auckland.

End of tenancy cleaning Checklist

  • Dusting, cleaning, disinfecting and items such as: front door, skirting boards, walls, ceiling, limescale on tiles and taps.
  • Deep cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms and toilets
  • Clean of mirrors in the whole house.
  • Deep cleaning of kitchen as well as microwave, fridge, oven and hob.
  • Deep clean of cupboards and wardrobes inside and out in the whole house.
  • Clean of all surfaces
  • Clean all light stitches and power points
  • Vacuum and hand clean vent grill
  • Deep Clean of range hood
  • Clean of laundry room
  • Carpet cleaning: shampoo or steam clean of carpet throughout the house
  • Dusting or washing blinds (if there are any) and wash curtains
  • Thorough vacuum and mop: pull out all furniture and large appliances to remove all dust, debris and stains.
  • Clean windows: Clean windows inside and out.
  • Walls and Ceilings Clean (if needed)
  • Vacuum rugs and under rugs
  • Sweep/vacuum floor, corners, edges
  • Vacuum
  • Mop hard floor

This is a standard requirements that usually tenants have to follow when moving out.

How do I do an end of tenancy by myself ?

moldy walls cleaning
If you are going to do an end of tenancy clean by yourself, the whole clean will take at least 3-4 hours for a standard 1-bedroom house and around 6-7 hours for a standard 3-bedrooms house. It is better to ask some of your friends or family members to help you with it. This will reduce the time and make the experience fun.

As a tenant, there is no reason why you cannot do the cleaning yourself. However, Before you go ahead and start a thorough clean, please check what the tenancy agreement says.  

If there is nothing mentioned in the agreement about how exactly or by who end of tenancy clean have to be done, then go for it and do it yourself. 

Follow the checklist above or ask your landlord for the list of tasks he expecting to be done before you move out, so you don't waste your time cleaning something when there is no need for it.

It can be a good idea to ask family and friends for help, however, if you feel that you need a professional help with end of tenancy clean call cleaning services in Auckland and ask what they provide in move out clean and if it suits you, go for it and enjoy some extra free time. Professional cleaning services will really relieve your stress and will give you time to organise other important things that involved in moving process.

Do tenants have to pay for the clean ?

Generally, In Auckland and whole New Zealand, tenants are not legally required to pay for end of tenancy clean or carpet cleaning when moving out, unless they have caused hard stains or damage and the property looks worse than when they moved in. However, its depends on what have been written in tenants agreement. If it says that landlord requires only professional end of tenancy cleaning then yes, you have to hire cleaning services in Auckland and pay for the clean, or you can also, ask landlord to pay for cleaning service from your bond.

What tenants should do

1.Keep all tenancy documents in one place. Having agreement, property inspection reports and rent records is handy if there’s any issues come up at the end of tenancy term

2.Pay everything you need to, and cancel any services :

  • Continue to pay the rent up to (and including) the final day of the tenancy.
  • Record the water meter reading on the final day of the tenancy. 
  • Cancel any services that connected to the property (eg, internet, news paper subscription, regular cleaning service, etc.)

3. Leave the property tidy, and take only what’s yours:

  • Leave the property clean and tidy (inside and outside)
  • Take all rubbish away.
  • Remove all belongings.
  • Leave behind anything the landlord provided (furniture and appliances)
  • Return the keys to the landlord.

4. Leave your details with the landlord

  • This means mail can be forwarded to you and you can be contacted about your bond.
  • Ask the landlord if he wiling to give you a reference for future landlord 

How much does an end of tenancy cost ?

That is great, if you can handle such a big cleaning by yourself and don't have to spend money to hire cleaners. The checklist above will help you to do it step by step. However, 11 years experience in cleaning industry clearly shows, that people underestimate the complexity of end of tenancy cleaning and try to get a help from a cleaning service in the last minute after they tried to do clean themselves.

I know that many people love to use professional cleaning services for end of tenancy cleaning and for a move in clean. One of the main reasons why, is that it saves their time and provides an opportunity to pay attention on more significant and pleasure things like, a décor of new home, instead of cleaning. Also, they love the result of professional help. It is a real pleasure to get a full bond back and to move straight into a new shiny clean home.

So, how much it cost ? Let's find out. 

End of tenancy cleaning average price nz and Auckland

how much does an end of tenancy clean cost

End of tenancy clean in New Zealand can cost in average NZ$150-230 for a standard kiwi 2-bedroom house. When you have a choice between few cleaning services in Auckland or in the whole New Zealand, please pay attention on matching between price and package which they offer for an end of tenancy cleaning. Also, make sure that it is a proper company to avoid negative experience. 

Some cleaning companies provide a very low price for move in/out cleaning and later it comes out that the package with attractive low price includes only clean of 1 bedroom, 1 living room and 1 bathroom, anything extra - for extra charge. 

So, for example if you have 4-bedroom house, 2 living rooms, 1 dining room, 2 bathrooms, laundry, garage, then you have to pay extra for all these rooms and areas that are not included into the package. So, always ask what cleaning service actually include in end of tenancy clean. 

The table below will provide you with general idea of how much does an end of tenancy clean cost in average in Auckland if you use a professional company for your cleaning needs.

Average End of tenancy clean cost in Auckland

One bedroom home NZ$100 - NZ$230
Two bedrooms home NZ$240 - NZ$350
Three bedrooms home NZ$310 - NZ$490
Four bedrooms home NZ$410 - NZ$530
Five bedrooms home NZ$550 - NZ$690
Six bedrooms home NZ$690 - NZ$850

Usually an end of tenancy cleaning includes the most common cleaning services. Items like Oven Clean, Fridge Clean and Range hood Clean comes up as additional services for many cleaning companies in Auckland. The reason is that not everyone has oven and fridge when they move out or move in and not everyone need this to be done.

Additional service mean additional cost. The table below will provide you with general idea of additional services like oven clean, fridge clean and range hood clean cost in average in Auckland.

Oven Clean (inside/out) NZ$55 – NZ$110
Fridge Clean (inside/out) NZ$45 – NZ$110
Range Hood Clean (inside/out) NZ$45 – NZ$160

Another popular additional service is Carpet shampoo clean or Carpet steam clean. The reason why carpet cleaning comes as additional service is because:

  1. Not every property has carpets
  2. Not everyone needs it to be done
  3. The carpet cleaning price can vary a lot, because of size and condition of it.

 Carpet clean average cost in Auckland:


1 or 2 bedrooms Home NZ$100 – NZ$220
3 bedrooms Home NZ$130 – NZ$280
4 bedrooms Home NZ$180 – NZ$340
5 bedrooms Home NZ$260 – NZ$440
6+ bedrooms Home NZ$300 – NZ$820


Cleaning prices can vary because every house is different in terms of size and condition.

Here is an example:  2 exactly same size properties, lets say 3 bedrooms homes, but one of those is old house and has molds on the walls, ceilings and bathroom, as well as stains on kitchen cupboards.

Another same size property can be brand new, lets say 1 year old, no molds or hard stains, this house definitely going to take less time to clean and less cost for you to pay.

Condition of home is one of the main price criteria for cleaning service in Auckland, please take it in account when hiring cleaning service in Auckland.

Some cleaning companies in Auckland work close with landlords and estate agents and know how to meet the expectation set in order for you to get your bond without issues.

Some people do not trust cleaners because they had negative experience before or just feel not comfortable to let random people into their private territory. If you feel that you cannot trust them too, follow this active link to see the checklist of How to find good and reliable cleaning service in Auckland

As it was mentioned before, it is real to do both, end of tenancy clean and move in clean by yourself if you cannot afford to hire cleaners in Auckland. One thing you have to be careful about is yourself. If you decided to do these cleanings by yourself, please do not rush. Take your time and give yourself few days to complete these deep Move in and Move out cleanings.

End of tenancy Checklist from Auckland property management


end of tenancy checklist
Moving is a stressful process. Many people feel anxieties about the final inspection even if they managed everything well and on time. This is normal to feel this way. The end of tenancy checklist from Auckland property management will give you more confidence about the final inspection.

What landlords in Auckland look for in a final end of tenancy walkthrough? 

1. Walls and Ceilings 

Often, tenants are not paying enough attention to the ceilings and walls of a property, but many landlords check them for signs of water damage and molds. 

The walls also get examined for peeling paint or wallpaper, cracks or stains. Walls can often be left with nail holes and discoloration once the tenants have removed their hanging decoration like pictures and electrical appliances.

2. Blinds and Windows 

Not every Landlord requires windows or blinds cleaning but during the final inspection, landlords make sure all of the property’s windows and blinds are functional. Be aware of this and make sure that windows open smoothly and any screens or blinds work as intended.

3. Flooring and Carpets

Landlords may look at the property’s flooring condition on wood or carpets. So, it is better to clean them well

4. Mirrors and Furniture

Furniture that is listed as part of the property’s inventory, should be clean and be in the same condition that it was when the tenants first moved in.

5. Doors & Locks

Doors should also open and close smoothly and landlords check that locks, and other security systems work.

6. Electricity

During the final inspection, landlords check that everything is in order with the electricity in their property. Usually plug sockets, ceiling and exhaust fans, and the circuit breaker are get checked in final inspection. All light switches should work properly as well. 

7. Water

Water fixtures usually get tested by landlords during the final inspection as well. This can include sinks and faucets, the toilet, the bath, shower, and the toilet bowl, along with any irrigation systems. Landlords ensure taps turn on smoothly and have both hot and cold water. Toilets should flush properly and there should be no leaks or damages.

8. Household Appliances

Household appliances that come with the property must all be there during the final inspection. The appliances must be cleaned and in good condition.

9. Cleaning

By the final inspection, all rooms should be clean with no dust, stains or debris. Cabinets must be clean and empty. Walls, ceilings, and floors should be wiped. 

Any outdoor areas that come with property should be reasonably clean too. 

Move out cleaning: Whose responsibility?

End of tenancy cleaning is often controversial issue, although it is the one that issues that can be successfully solved by clear tenancy agreement.

However, no matter if end of tenancy cleaning have been written in agreement or not, tenants must return a clean property to the landlord. It is up to tenants if they want to do end of tenancy cleaning themselves or if they want to use cleaning service for it. 

A landlord have legal right to charge a tenant cleaning fees if the property has not been left clean and hygienic. 

One of the most common deductions from the tenant's bond is for cleaning. The amount that landlords can charge for cleaning really depends on the condition and the size of the property. Generally, the range can be from NZ$150 to NZ$1300. 


If you need help with move in or move out cleaning, Call (09) 909 6560 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) or email your enquiry