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How to Find Good and Reliable home cleaners in Auckland

Life is busy and it is a challenge to manage all aspects of your life, like family, friends, work, private life

and hobbies. Often, it is a great option to delegate some duties and make your life easier, less stressful

and more enjoyable. One of the tasks you can successfully delegate is cleaning of your home. There are

few companies which provide professional home cleaning service in Auckland.

When you decide to use a professional cleaning service, you might come up with some questions. How

can I find good and reliable cleaners in Auckland? Can I trust any of these companies? Should I use

private cleaners or cleaning companies? Can I trust them? What to expect from them? What if they

damage my floors or furniture? What if the clean I paid for, will be done with a very low standard? What if

they steal something? All these questions make sense! And I understand your worries. You want to be

sure that people who you let in your home are harmless and professional. And a service you paid for

done with a high standard. I have answers for your questions, and I am sharing with you.


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Background check

When you are choosing between private cleaners and cleaning companies, one of the important aspects

to mention is that everyone can be a private cleaner. Private cleaners are not accountable to anyone and

no one checks their background.

So, you never know if they have a criminal past or negative work background that might affect your choice

as a customer. While cleaning companies do all the checking of criminal records and ask for referrals

from previous employers of their potential staff before employer them. So, not everyone can be a cleaner

of a cleaning business. This also minimises any potential risk of theft.


As I have mentioned before, private cleaners don’t carry any responsibility for anything they do. Even if

they provide a low-quality service. While cleaning companies, hold their staff members accountable for

the cleans they do. Cleaners in Auckland, who work for a cleaning business even can lose their jobs for a

low quality of work. Also, Cleaning companies make sure that their cleaners arrive to a client on time and

provide a decent quality of service. They are trained cleaners to provide the best service as possible to

meet a high standard and to be reliable, responsible and professional.

Cleaning companies have a quality assurance manager who establish quality regulations of a service and

employees to improve their service and customer satisfaction.

Reputation and responsibility

Private cleaners are self-employed therefore, they don’t worry much about their reputation and the quality

of the work. Also, private cleaners are often not insured when it comes to their business. So, it means that

if private cleaners brake something in your house, they are more likely to run away rather than solve the

issue. Also, when you expect high standard excellent service from a private cleaner, you may not get

what you paid for and no one will solve the issue.

However, Cleaning companies care about their reputation. They realise the risk of having unhappy client.

If there are any issues or complains, cleaning companies deal with it and investigate the problem and find

the best solution that makes client happy in the end.


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What cleaning company should I use?

Word of mouth is one of the easiest ways to get some information about the company. Also, you can

search in google something like Cleaners Auckland or House cleaning Auckland or even more specific

like for example: House cleaning North shore, if you live in north shore or house cleaning Auckland city,


Then, when google give you some options, go to websites. It will give you some good insights about who

they are and what service they can offer. Most of the companies provide customer testimonials and have

an FAQ section. It is worth to take time to check this section out.

What do house cleaners clean?

Everyone has different expectations. However, realistically, you can expect professional cleaners to do

the tasks you would normally do weekly or fortnightly, like vacuuming and moping, dusting, wiping down

surfaces and cleaning the bathroom, removing cobwebs, etc. You can also ask for a deep clean of your

home like: Top To Bottom Deluxe (Spring Clean) or End of tenancy Clean 

Cleaning services don’t usually include things like windows clean, oven and fridge clean unless you ask

for it and these will usually come with additional charges.

Always ask a company to send you the Spec Sheet of the clean you require. So, you can see what tasks

are included in a cleaning and what you can add to it. 

Is it okay to ask for extra tasks?

The regular tasks will usually be discussed, quoted and agreed when you first make an enquiry with the

cleaning company and the cost will depend on what is included in the service. However, if later you want

to add some task in your clean, you can ask them to add it and they can let you know if there will be an

additional cost for the task you ask.

Can I trust cleaners in Auckland?

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A common concern for many people who are using a cleaning service for the first time, is whether

they can trust the cleaners, and can they be sure that nothing harmful will be done in the house.

All cleaning businesses check a background of their cleaners. They go through a careful selection

process before hiring someone.

However, you are allowed to ask at the time of making the enquiry that these things have been done with

every cleaner.

If you have cleaners on the regular basis (ongoing clean) it is important to check that you have the same

cleaners every time so you can get to know them better and feel comfortable when they are in you house.

What can I do if I am not happy with my clean?

Nothing is perfect in this world. Everyone can make mistakes. Even if you choose the best cleaning

company, don’t forget please, that there are regular people working there, you might have

something that not matching your expectations. However, good thing is that most cleaning

companies in Auckland appreciate feedback, no matter if it is positive or negative. They will deal

with issue you had and will try to make you happy in the end.

So, when you are not happy with the clean you have been provided by cleaning company or not happy

with a cleaner, don’t hurry up to swap the company, don’t be angry and give them a chance to help you,

because they want you to be happy. Give them your feedback and they will manage how to solve your

issue and improve their service and your customer satisfaction. It is also very important to explain your

expectations before you even booked the service. Make it as clear as possible what you want to be done

and how. That way if something goes wrong, you can ask them to return, at no extra charge to you, to

redo what wasn’t done properly the first time.

Every good and reliable house cleaning company in Auckland have an operation manager who deal with

an issue you have and give you solution within the 48 hours.


If you have more questions you can call our office and we will answer any questions you have regarding

cleaning business and cleans.