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Window Cleaning


Unclean windows make your home/office look less pleasant and less comfortable. 

Window glasses tend to degrade over the time, which will cause permanent damage to your windows. A variety of contaminants will permeate the glass, like airborne pollutants, oxidization that comes from metal frames and screens, wind-blown sea salts, especially if you live near the water; minerals from tap water can ruin the glass over time as well.

Our windows/glass specialist team will use deionized water that contains zero minerals that cause spotting. The water will evaporate itself, leaving sparkling clear glass! 
With our 97% deep cleaning system and technologically purified water, you will get perfectly cleaned windows, and if done regularly, protected from long run damage. 

“Edwin is really an expert. He and his crew did an excellent job. They cleaned the inside and outside of all the windows, literally making the glass looks invisible! I'll definitely use them again” Iris K. Mission Bay.

Get your window cleaned today: Protect you property investment and create a pleasant and comfortable looking home/office.

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What do we do?

  • By cleaning your interior windows at the same time as your exterior, we can create a crystal clear finish.

  • We can clean your high reaching exterior windows with the help of a ladder or an extension pole. 

  • Our experienced window cleaners know the best way to tackle your interior and exterior windows, saving you some precious time.

  • Interior windows are straightforward. Our time-tested technique leaves your windows crystal clear without residue or missed spots.

  • Exterior window washing and house washing is a great combination that saves time as the exterior windows are done after the house wash

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