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Wall and Ceiling Wash

Dirt, Debris and cost of living in a home can often result in stained walls. We spend so much time and money, carefully planning and colour coding our walls, yet in a few years time we often have to re-paint them again. 

Instead of spending the big bucks on re-painting your walls, get a wall and ceiling wash and make it look brand new!


What do we do?

  • We first dust your walls and ceilings to get the dry dust out of it.
  • Then your walls and ceilings are sprayed with a mild detergent or sugar soap. 
  • The walls are then either hand cleaned or we use a 'squeegee' to remove accumulated dirt and grime. 
  • While cleaning your walls and Ceilings, we will also remove any surface mould. 
  • If you want us to bleach certain areas of the ceilings then we care happy to do that too.

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