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Window Cleaning Cost Calculator (2020) by Life Maid Easy®

House cleaning pricing guide (NZ)

Windows are the first thing that people pay attention on in a house. Unfortunately, many people usually underestimate the importance of having clean windows. Having your windows at home regularly cleaned can make a significant difference. There are many benefits associated with having clean windows, from improved comfort, health and overall appearance of your home.

Window cleaning helps to bring more light into your home. With time window glasses usually become dull due to contaminants such as oxidation, acid rain, hard mineral, paint, spray among others that prevents natural light from entering the house. This makes your home to appear darker than it is.


Regular cleaning of windows is significant because it helps to remove contaminants and pollutants that have stuck on your window glass and have prevented natural light to come through. It is more likely to lead to a lack of vitamin D as well as building up molds that very hard to remove especially if you leave it for some time.

Clean windows make your home hygienic, spaced, and beautiful as well as adds more comfort into your daily life and makes rooms more appealing.

Molds, grime, and dirt usually settle on window glass over time if they are not cleaned on regular basis. Leaving mold and dirt can also increase the growth of allergen that can cause allergic reactions, respiratory and skin problems.

It is a well-known fact that windows that are cleaned regularly last longer than those that do not, because hard water, oxidation and acid usually make the glass weaker causing damage.

Every housekeeper wants her/his windows to look good and last for long amount of time. To achieve this, every housekeeper needs to ensure that they clean windows regularly.

If you like to clean your windows by yourself, I would like to share some homemade recipes to clean windows.


  • 1 cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups water
  • 2-3 drops dishwashing detergent

Combine ingredients in a spray bottle. Spray on the windows and wipe with a soft cloth. Get some newspaper, scrunch it up, and wipe the window dry. You should hear it squeak, which means you are getting rid of the streaks. For scum on glass shower doors, use neat white vinegar. Spray on, leave half an hour, and rinse.

You can also get a professional window clean. Professional windows cleaners know how to clean glass up to a high standard.

Some people have issues with trusting windows cleaners because they have expensive big windows in their homes or maybe because they had negative experience before.

If you would like to make sure that your windows will be cleaned up to a high standard, see checklist below. This checklist will help you to get to know cleaning company better before you let them into your private territory.

  • Streak Free

Ask them if they do streak free cleaning of window glass. Reliable, trained and experiences cleaners would know how to clean any glass without letting streaks to annoy and disappoint you after the clean.

  • Protective Coating

Another good question to ask any cleaning service is about protective coating. It is especially important for areas with high dust or salt spray. It helps to remove the salt scale and apply a protective coating to prevent future damage of glass.

  • Experienced

It is ok to ask for an experienced cleaning team to come and clean your windows. You never know what can happened, also you might have some very expensive windows and it is normal that you want to decrease any chance of damaging your property. Experienced professionals window cleaners know the best way to tackle your exterior windows with no damage and saving on time.

  • Bonded and insured

This protects you and your property in case of theft or damage.

  • Licensed

Make sure that the windows cleaning company is licensed. This means they are legally registered to operate as a business.

  • Operation manager

No one is perfect. Even the best cleaners make mistakes. Ask if the company has operation manager that deals with complaints. In case of any damage incurred or low quality job, reliable and trustful company have to provide you with the best solution within 48 hours.

If a company trustful and reliable they should have an operation manager who dealing with complains if there is any and provide you with the best solution within 48 hours.

Windows clean prices guide NZ and Auckland

Windows clean prices depends on many factors such as: size, number of rooms you want windows clean done, number of levels in your home, condition of the window glass, etc.

If there is a standard NZ 2 bedrooms house, 1 level, the interior and exterior windows clean will be around $130-$180 due to good condition of window glass.

If there is a standard NZ 5 bedrooms, 2 levels house, the cost of windows cleaning will be around $420-$550

What can vary the time and price of windows clean in Auckland?

  • Mould affected windows
  • Skylights
  • Multi-framed panels of glass
  • Tall Windows (floor to ceiling)
  • Ranch Slider windows (where the dirt gets in the door track)
  • Aluminium frames (particularly the multi-channel ones which trap the dirt)
  • Poor paint surfaces
  • Doors with glass panels (commonly in lounge rooms)
  • Internal wall windows which divide rooms
  • Glass with permanent pen writing, or stickers on them

So, when you make a booking it is essential to provide as much information as possible so that cleaning company can better estimate the time it will take for your clean.

Average Window Cleaning Cost in Auckland 

The average cost to hire a professional window cleaner in Auckland is $165 to $375 with most homeowners spending $260 for a full window house cleaning.

If you have a small number of windows, a window cleaner may have a minimum charge for window cleaning. Cleaning companies either charge on a per window, per pane, or hourly basis. The exact cost depends on number of factors. One of these factors is the type of cleaners you choose: individual or professional cleaners.
See the table below to understand why individual cleaners charge significantly less than a professional cleaning company.

Things to be concern
when choosing cleaners

Independent housekeeper

Professional Cleaning

Police check

Not guaranteed



Not guaranteed


Operation manager



Employee training




Not guaranteed


Cheap Prices



Quality Assurance



Different cleaning packages

Not guaranteed (maybe)


Quality of equipment and
cleaning products

Not guaranteed


Secure payment

Not guaranteed


High standard cleaning

Not guaranteed (maybe)

Not guaranteed (More Likely)

If you still would like to use individual cleaners or if you cannot afford to pay professionals, then ask someone you know well as a person and trust him/her to do cleaning for you.

Residential Window Cleaning Prices By Home Size
Residential window cleaning prices for cleaning the interior and exterior windows of an entire home will cost between $155 and $575 depending on the number of rooms and the number of windows.

Window Cleaning Rates Per Window

Average window cleaning rates are $15 to $25 per window with two panes depending on the size. For windows on the third or fourth floor, it may costs an extra $4 to $7 per window, or about a 50% increase with every floor.

Interior Window Cleaning Prices

If you want your interior windows cleaned only, then expect to pay between $95 and $310. Keep

in mind, the larger the home, the higher the price. For standard 2 bedrooms home it cost

around $110 for interior window cleaning. 5 bedrooms home would cost about $ 275 for interior

window cleaning. Most companies will give you estimated price only. So, do not be surprise or

upset if you get a relatively high or low quote for your window clean. Good cleaning company

should have a money refund policy in case if the clean takes less or longer on site than was



Window Cleaning Costs Per Hour

A window cleaner typically charges between $35 and $85 per hour. Even if you find a cleaner who charges per pane, the math works out to be about the same, unless it is a large home. Most charge per pane because it works out better for the company, and the client does not get over or undercharged.

Pros of Hiring a Professional Window Cleaning Service

There are plenty of advantages to hiring a professionals to clean your windows than doing it yourself.

  • Your home will be healthy and hygienic without any time for you to spend. The only time you spend is to book a clean. Which takes 2 min on the phone. 
  • Over time dirt and debris will lead to scratches and extra wear and tear to your windows. By tackling the issue ahead of time, you can prevent damage.
  • If you are planning to sell your property, the cleaning that is done by professionals will make a house look better to potential buyers
  • Catch wood rot, mildew, termites, and other insulation problems in the window frames early.
  • You won’t fall off a ladder. The pros take extra safety measures you may not think of.


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