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Meet The Team

Meet the faces behind Life Maid Easy




Kevin Yang

Managing Director

I do not want Life Maid Easy to be yet another corporate providing a service. Everyone on my team adds a different dynamic to this company. I believe that providing a service goes beyond just completing a job, it is about the whole experience!

A big part of this company is learning and growth. We believe that learning is an ongoing process, nothing is perfect because there is always room to do something better. This is where we need you. We need your feedback and input to make Life Maid Easy the best service company out there.

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Steven Ngov

General Manager/Marketing Manager

I have been with Life Maid Easy from the beginning of its days. There is nothing i have not done in Life Maid Maid Easy.I believe that everyday we learn something different about life, work and our goals. We are constantly evolving as people and so are our goals.

Self growth is an ongoing process and it reflects on what i read. Three of my top favorite books are the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and Outliers the story of success by Malcolm Gladwell. These books have made a huge difference on my personal and professional life. 




Melissa McIntyre

Operations Manager
Working as an Operations manager can become quite  hectic sometimes. It is very necessary that i make time to unwind by reading a good book and a glass of wine (what would we do without it?).

I love anything that is stooped in history, especially ancient Egypt. I am also currently pursuing a course in Physics which is something i have recently developed an interest for. I am a big foodie and my absolute favourite cuisines are Italian, Indian and Japanese.

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Brenda Griffiths

Quality Control/Training Manager
I have had years of experience in managing various cleaning teams around Auckland. One of the best things about managing teams was meeting my clients and their friends. I have recently come on as a quality control manager at Life Maid Easy. I train our cleaning teams to make sure that they are always performing to our standards.

I also do quality checks during and after the cleaning is done. If you have any feedback regarding our quality then please do not hesitate to contact me. I love swimming, reading, walking and fine dining. My Favourite book is Two Mrs Brown and my favourite movie is the Notebook. I like any type of seafood so I love going to the seafood festival in the viaduct.


Serena Su

Accounting Manager
I have always had a great passion for numbers. I used to work as a Senior Auditor at Ernst Young in China. I moved to New Zealand with my family a couple of years ago and have been a Accounting manager at Life Maid Easy. I love New Zealand for its scenery.

There beauty of New Zealand is truly surreal. 
I love curling up on the couch with a romantic book and a steaming cup of bubble tea. I would one day love to go to London to enjoy its rich culture and of course their steaming cup of English tea.


Enes Bashota

Sales Manager
I would like to call myself as a citizen of the world. I was born in Albania and moved to New Zealand as a Teenager. It really amazes me how much there is to see in this world, all  the different traditions to experience and all the people to meet. I want to see and experience it all!

As an entrepreneur, I believe that setting goals, and constantly re-evaluating them is a key to success. Another ingredient for personal and professional success is people. I am lucky to have hardworking and driven people around me. I think that anything is possible if you take the time to understand yourself and the effort needed to achieve it. 




Chelsea Raj

Internal Sales Coordinator
I manage our internal sales department at Life Maid Easy. I think inspiration is a key to a well performing team.I always tell my team that every client is different and hence our service has to be tweaked to suit their needs.

I am currently planning my trip to Europe which has definitely been really fun! I am going to visit 11 different countries in 5 weeks. Imagine that! I cannot wait to experience all that culture, hopefully enjoy some sunshine and eat all that cheese!!


Swati Tiwary

Marketing Coordinator
I was born in India, raised in Singapore and I moved to New Zealand when I was 20. My thirst for travel probably stems from the fact that i have had my whole life influenced by people from different cultures and backgrounds.

I am a voracious reader and am currently obsessed with Historic fiction from 14th/15th century England. I fancy myself as a writer and hope to pen a book someday.  


Nadine Wertsch

Sales Representative and Trainer
We really work together because we believe in the same goal of providing the best we can for our clients.

My role involves meeting potential clients in their homes and understanding what their needs are in terms of cleaning. I tailor make specific cleaning plans in order to give our clients exactly what they need. 


Angela Wu

Accounts Assistant

As a graduate from University of Auckland, joining Life Maid Easy is like a pleasurable gift to me.I always keep a passionate attitude to my life no matter how messy it is.

What I believe is that “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”.

Apart from working, I like decorating my girlish room to watching long series like Detective Conan.

I really like to spend time doing something meaningful and explore something new!



All our cleaning teams have a designated team leader that manages the team, trains them and over sees the overall performance of their teams. All our teams are fully trained in all interior and exterior house cleaning services. Some of our team leaders manage up to 3 different teams. Each team has a minimum of 2 cleaners. 

Team Leaders and their specialties

Tiago: Manages 9+ juniors. 
Specialties: Builders cleans, Exterior House washes, Windows and Carpet cleans

Arden: Manages 5+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash, Bond/Move out cleans, Exterior House Washing and Window cleaning

Jenny: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Window cleans and Carpet cleaning

Melody: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash

Maxi: Manages 6+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash, Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans and Move out cleans

Rebecca: Manages 4+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash Exterior House cleans and Carpet cleans

Jimmy: Manages 3+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans, Bond/Move in/Move out cleans

Eric: Manages 4+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Wall and Ceiling Wash, and Bond cleans

Nicole: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Ongoing cleans

Jack: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Top to Bottom Deluxe cleans, Bond cleans and Carpet cleans

Anthony: Manages 2+ juniors. 
Specialties: Leather, Fabric Upholstery cleaning and Carpet cleans